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The Boulle -SEI International Awards have been founded by the Jean Boulle Group and The Spanish Society of Immunology because of their shared vision to acknowledge and support the life changing work of today’s health care and life sciences community.

  • About the awards
  • Francisco Javier De Balmis and Isabel Zendal
    The awards have been named after Javier De Balmis and Isabel Zendal to commemorate the Royal Philanthropic Vaccine Expedition that took place between 1803 and 1806. The awards recognise the millions of inhabitants of Spanish America who were vaccinated against smallpox thanks to pioneering Spanish science. Against the background of today’s global pandemic, science has again focussed on the worldwide scientific community’s effort to promote universal health. Francisco Balmis could not have completed his expedition without Isabel Zendal, for the same reason we want to give the award to a team with strong female input.
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